Foreclosure Process in Illinois

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Kate Iturralde, attorney and president of Donat & Donat, P.C.

Bio: Kate Iturralde is the president of Donat & Donat, P.C., a third-generation, family run, law firm focused on real estate transactions and litigation. Kate first started her career in Chicago representing commercial lenders and servicers in contested foreclosure litigation. After a decade of working for the banks, Kate took over Donat & Donat in Batavia, IL and now uses that experience to help clients facing foreclosure. Kate received her law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School.  Kate is a proud badger and received her B.A. with distinction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Born and raised in Batavia, Kate now lives in St. Charles with her husband and three children.

Some questions asked:

  1. In Easy Language…  What is the Foreclosure Process in IL?
  2. When a Potential Client Visits You…  How Do You Approach the Situation?
  3. What’s the #1 Thing People Ask When Coming into Your Office?  **How Do I Save My Home?**
  4. When Facing Foreclosure…  It is Important Clients Know Their Options…  What Are the Options?
  5. How Do You Go About Coming Up w/ the Best Option?
  6. After Going Through the Options…  What if Saving the House Isn’t the Best Financial Decision?  What Now?
  7. When the Only Option Left is a Short Sale or a Foreclosure, Why as an Attorney Do You Believe a Short Sale is Best vs a Foreclosure?
  8. Top 4-Important Steps/Strategies to Deal w/a Bank Before the Default…  (1) Open Your Mail and Answer Your Phone (2) Do Not Assume the Bank Will Fix a Mistake (3) If You Are Not the Borrower, Get a 3rd Party Authorization to Deal w/ the Bank (4) Ask to Escalate a Problem at the Lender if it is Not Being Fixed.